A project collaboration and communications platform
Hubnet is a web application for building secure professional networks, facilitating collaborative projects across geographical and organisational boundaries and for communicating about activities with collaborators, stakeholders and the public.


Build Secure Professional Networks

Build secure professional networks to enable people working on common goals to connect, consolidate and share resources, coordinate activities, and to collaborate and communicate with members, stakeholders and the public.

Network membership can be open or controlled using a streamlined application and approval process, and members can create professional profiles to facilitate connections.



Create Secure Working Groups

Secure working groups or 'sites' can be quickly and easily created within a network, to which members can be added with defined titles, roles and permissions.  Features available within networks and working groups enable you to coordinate projects and activities, and to create libraries of digital information and resources to share. You can easily keep track of all activities, tasks and calendar entries posted in your sites via your personal dashboard and mobile applications.



Collaborate on Projects

Features available within networks and working groups also enable you to collaborate on project activities, documents and digital resources using workflow, commentary, discussion and full version control. You can protect and manage valuable or sensitive information by restricting access and permissions within a network or site using powerful and flexible controls, to the level of individual users and documents if needed.



Collate shared information and resources in one place

Consolidate discussion, documents, calendars and shared information within open or secure networks and sites to create fully searchable libraries of digital content. You can customise the management of and access to information and resources using powerful, secure and flexible controls.



Communicate within Networks and Sites, and with the Public

Create a network-wide communication website to provide a single interface that delivers: news and information about the network and network-wide activities; nested websites for projects and working groups within the network; a consolidated view of collaborative activities and projects via news, articles and blog posts and; an outlet for communication to network members, stakeholders and the public.



Manage and Protect Information

Customise management of and access to information and resources using powerful, secure and flexible controls.