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For Organisations For Managers of Working Groups For Members of Working Groups For Members of Wider Networks For Members of the Public

For Managers of Working Groups

Manage members
Hubnet offers a variety of tools to effectively organise members for efficient coordination of working groups

Search and invite people to join
Search for people in the directory or invite people to join the network, then allocate them a role in your working group

Manage member permissions
Protect sensitive information and t
ailor site visibility and member access to content in the working group's library

Assign Tasks
Allocate tasks to each member usnig workflows and task lists

Link documents to tasks and track work done until completion


Manage projects
Use the digital organisational tools in Hubnet for effective project management

Data Lists and the Calendar
Create dynamic meeting agendas, task lists, contact and organisation lists, and event lists

Use the calendar to organise your project and keep all members up to date with upcoming events and activities

Workflows and version history
Application of the workflow, version history and commentary on documents and content allow managers to keep track of progress and the status of tasks, documents and the project as a whole

Mobile App
Access documents and view network and site activities on your mobile device with the Alfresco App


Manage information
Create Libraries, Wikis, Blogs, and Discussion forums to consolidate and share information and resources

Create a Library
Create a structured library of shared resources unique to the needs of your collaborative activity

Features include full document management, version history and facility to make some folders private, read-only or open for all group members to use

Set up Wiki pages
Build Wikis for information sharing in your working group

Wikis can also be used to display information on the site dashboard such as shortcuts or links to important resources and site pages

Discussion Forum and blogs
Support and engage with your working group members through discussion forum and blog posts

For wider discussion, publish site blogs to the network-members website


Communicate Updates
Provide regular updates to group members, network members, stakeholders and the public about your working group's progress and achievements

Public home page
Communicate about your group's activities to members, stakeholders and the public via a nested website configured for your working group

Network members-only page
Publish updates and blogs to the password-protected, network members-only website

Activities Feeds
Regular email notifications also ensure that working group members and managers are kept up to date about all working group activities