A project collaboration and communications platform

For Organisations For Managers of Working Groups For Members of Working Groups For Members of Wider Networks For Members of the Public

For Organisations Facilitating Multi-Party Collaborations

Create and manage secure networks of stakeholders and collaborators

Provide a secure professional environment for networking and collaboration

Create secure professional networks, profiling members' expertise and affiliations to facilitate networking and collaboration

Build membership of the network through streamlined application and approval processes

Find people, groups and content easily using powerful search and browse functions


Facilitate collaboration

Facilitate collaborations across geographical and organisational boundaries

Host collaborative working groups in open, moderated or private sites and facilitate multi-party collaborations effectively

Consolidate shared information and resources

Manage digital content securely using workflow, version control and commentary

Protect valuable or sensitive content

Tailor site and content visibility, access and permissions


Communicate effectively

Communicate about activities  and keep stakeholders and members of the network and public informed about activities

Create public-facing websites for your network and sites

Create both public and member-only web pages displaying news, activity updates and blog posts

Apply or design your own colour scheme, logos, and branding to your network and sites

Regular email notifications ensure stakeholders are kept up to date about all activities


Solutions configured to your needs

We work with you to understand your needs and requirements and to provide solutions tailored to your needs

Agile development and project management methodologies ensure we deliver optimised solutions

Online project management system provides full visibility and transparency

Access technical support
We offer personalised support and training to suit your needs