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For Members of Working Groups

Public web pages

Individual projects and collaboration groups within the network can have public-facing webpages within the network website, publishing overviews and news about their activities.  Articles can be generated and published directly from the project or collaboration site using simple templates.

This feature allows each project or group to keep members and stakeholders informed about their activities, in the context of the overarching network. Working group members can also enter the password-protected area of Hubnet through links on these public webpages.


Members-only content

Each webpage can have articles that are only visible to network members when they log in, to provide benefits of membership or restrict communication to network members only. Once logged in, members can also access their personal dashboard, cfollaboration sites and professional profile


Professional Profile

Build your professional profile, listing your professional expertise, affiliations and work history. A member's professional profile becomes part of the directory on Hubnet and enables network members to seek out individuals with particular skills, resources and experience for collaboration.


My Dashboard

Each member has access to a personal dashboard. 'My dashboard' provides a consolidated view of all the sites, calendar events, tasks and content you have access to.

My Activities

Provides a list of all of the activities in all of the sites you are a member of, so you can see at a glance what other members have contributed

My Tasks

See and access all tasks assigned to you through workflows, and data lists detailing tasks you are responsible for

My Sites

Provides a list and shortcuts to all the sites within Hubnet that you are a member of


Site Dashboards

Each site you are a member of has it's own dashboard displaying the collaboration tools and content specific to that site or working group, including a list of all site members and their roles

Site Activities

Provides a list of all of recent activities in the site, so you can see at a glance what other members have contributed

Access Site Contents

Go directly to key documents and files, and to content you're editing

Use the top navigation menu or the site dashlets to access the site library and collaboration tools

Find Resources

Search for content using basic or advanced search

Advanced search enables members to refine their search to quickly access key resources in the network's repository



Hubnet provides a suite of tools for collaboration project, document, and information management, including a site library, calendar, wiki, blog, discussion forum, datalists, image gallery and repository for useful links


Documents and files are stored in a structured library, accessible using search and browse, or linked to from wiki pages, blog posts and datalists

Preview documents in your browser or download them to your computer to edit or use

Create or upload

You can create or upload files and documents to the library, check them out to edit using Google Docs, then check them back in to Hubnet, and create articles to publish to public-facing or members-only webpages


Hubnet provides full document management features for simultaneous or sequential editing, version control, commentary, discussion, and management of access and permissions